Listening Mothers

Listening Mothers™ Program Overview

The Listening Mothers™ program offers a unique opportunity for parents of babies birth through six months of age to discover the joys of parenting. Our science based curriculum will help you turn the present moment into a positive moment!

Series Offering:

  • Mindful based skills to help reduce stress and encourage balance
  • An environment to discover your own inner wisdom
  • Skilled professionals & mindfully trained facilitators
  • Parent & child self-awareness with a focus on self-regulation, self-compassion and parent and child emotional development
  • Emphasis on the importance of parent/child attachment
  • Parental confidence and empowerment
  • A community of like-minded parents who aspire to be the best parents they can be and are willing to embark on the parenting journey with an open mind, curiosity and willingness to explore.

Program Goals:

  • To appreciate mother’s own journey as they nurture their innate internal wisdom.
  • To realize the impact and importance of being present and practicing Self-Compassion.
  • To learn more about being attuned to your babies needs and how that fosters secure attachment.
  • To understand and move beyond their fears, to embrace the joys of motherhood and transition to the dynamic of their enhanced family.
  • To create an opportunity for deepening the connection with themselves and their babies as well as creating relationships with other mothers in early postpartum.
  • To understand the importance of listening, staying connected with their partner and modeling intimacy for their child.
  • To learn mindful practice tools to add to their self-care toolbox.
  • To find time to deepen their awareness by reading articles and or completing the reflection exercises that resonate with them.


Week 1: Transition to Parenting. Introduction to the 3 Elements of Mindful Self Compassion

Week 2: Deepening in Personal Inquiry and Skills

Week 3: Deepening Presencing Skills

Week 4: What Nourishes the Roots of You?

Week 5: Deepen the Understanding of the Transition to Motherhood and How this Impacts Your World and Important Relationships

Week 6: Closure and Bridge to Future Growth and Development


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Listening Mothers™ meets weekly for 6 weeks. The fee is $195. In most cases there are partial SCHOLARSHIPS available for those in need. If you have questions regarding this please let us know via the CONTACT PAGE.

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