Northwest Mindful Birthing & Parenting

Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) is a program which teaches skills to prepare for the profound transitions of pregnancy and birth as well as skills to help us cope more gracefully with the stresses of life, allowing us to experience the joys of parenting more fully.

This 9 week class series is an invitation to begin or deepen the practice of mindfulness for supporting the profound changes in our bodies and minds during pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Through mindfulness meditation, movement and group dialogue we learn to cultivate skills for birthing, healthy living, and wise parenting - inviting you to fully live the joys and challenges of this transformative time.

Program Goals:

  • Increase knowledge and confidence around the birth process
  • Decrease fear of childbirth, tap into inner resources for working with pain
  • Improve couples communication, connection and cooperation

You will also learn about

  • The physiology of breastfeeding and the newborn cycles
  • Prenatal yoga for strength and flexibility
  • Developing tools for managing stress in pregnancy, parenting and daily life

For more information about class dates and how to register, visit Northwest Mindful Birthing & Parenting.