Teen Stress

Mindfulness for Tweens/Teens

    Tweens and teens will use techniques of mindfulness to intentionally focus awareness and observations of their own emotions and behaviors from moment to moment. Together, we will explore how we are as individuals and what it means to be part of a larger community.

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2020 Groups

  • Session 1 (9-12 years): ONLINE - Contact Deb Grover - OPEN
  • Session 2 (13-18 years): ONLINE - Contact Deb Grover - OPEN

Six Week Series Offers:

  • Improved emotion regulation and metacognition
  • Realistic shifts in perceptions and appraisals of stress
  • Decrease in stress and suffering
  • Improved overall mental and physical health and well-being
  • Increased sense of agency, control, coherence, and power
  • Insight into the sources of strength that come from within
  • Decreases in negative coping skills and increases in positive coping skills