Pre-Birth & Pregnancy

Pre-Birth - Pregnancy
For those that are expecting, begin the journey of discovery and connection. Becoming a parent is an exciting and incredibly fulfilling rite of passage. Take an opportunity to make that life long connection before birth. Our pre-birth and pregnancy partners develop a sense of empowerment, attachment and confidence by cultivating skills for birthing, healthy living and planting seeds for a lifetime of trust - all focusing on the profound transitions to parenthood.

NW Mindful Birthing & Parenting

NW Birthing & Parenting

Mindfulness-Based Childbirth & Parenting (MBCP) is a program that prepares parents for the profound transitions of pregnancy and birth by introducing skills to help cope more gracefully with the stresses of life and allowing us to experience the joys of parenting more fully.

Essential Birth and Family

Essential Birth and Family

Essential Birth & Family Center proudly provides gentle, individualized, community-based midwifery care in home, at a birth center, or a hospital of your choice. We strive to promote a healthy pregnancy and transition to parenthood.

Prenatal Bonding (BA)™

Prenatal Bonding

Through a new method of connection called Prenatal Bonding (BA),™ you and your baby will engage in a mindful dialogue that will yield insights, understandings, and plant seeds for a lifetime of trust, compassion and love between you and your baby.

Swedish Medical Centers

First Hill-Lytle Center and Swedish Centering Pregnancy

No matter how many times you have been through it, each pregnancy is different. Transitioning to parenting or a new addition takes preparation. Swedish Medical Centers are committed to supporting you through this transition and offer two unique programs to assist you on your path.

Swedish Ballard - CenteringPregnancy Center

Swedish Midwifery & Woman’s Health Ballard offers a groundbreaking approach through CenteringPregnancy center. CenteringPregnancy provides opportunities for new moms to find companionship and support from other moms as they journey down the path of parenting. Also hosts Listening Mothers™ classes.

Swedish First Hill-Lytle Center

Lytle Center at First Hill offers a whole host of childcare and family planning classes.

Swedish Issaquah

Swedish Issaquah offers childcare and family planning classes. Also hosts Listening Mothers™ classes.



Connect with other expectant parents to share the wonders and challenges of the pregnancy experience, as well as emotional preparation for childbirth and early parenting. Learn how to use mindfulness to tune into your soon-to-be newborn's needs as well as your own while living in the present moment. Also a Listening Mothers™ provider.