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Pre-Birth & Pregnancy

Pre-Birth - Pregnancy
For those that are expecting, begin the journey of discovery and connection. Becoming a parent is an exciting and incredibly fulfilling rite of passage. Take an opportunity to make that life long connection before birth. Our pre-birth and pregnancy partners develop a sense of empowerment, attachment and confidence by cultivating skills for birthing, healthy living and planting seeds for a lifetime of trust - all focusing on the profound transitions to parenthood.

Infant and Newborn

Infant - Newborn
Infant and newborn programs provide an opportunity to deepen your focus and widen your path. Continue the conversation by getting to know your baby. Begin to build and learn how to maintain secure attachment and understand what it means to practice self-care in the way of self-compassion, healthy relationships and community.



Entering your next phase of parenting where the chaos of your hectic life beckons you back to balance. Learn alternative approaches to engaging your child while supporting the exploration of independence - all while discovering your inner wisdom and maintaining your sense of self.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth
Remain committed to the path of continued personal growth. Be your best self. Explore being present in a way that provides peace, calm, invites awareness and understanding and inspires you to find and trust your inner wisdom. Unearth or rediscover your true purpose.