Become a Listening Mothers™ Facilitator

  • Background in Child Development, Psychology, Nursing, Midwifery or other fields related to new mothers and mindfulness?
  • Do you have a passion for nurturing the attachment and connection between a new mother and her baby?
  • Do you embrace the concepts of mindful based stress reduction, self compassion, and empathy?
If so, please consider becoming a Listening Mothers™ facilitator.

What is a Listening Mothers Facilitator?

A Listening Mothers™ facilitator assists class participants gain the knowledge and skills in the science of mindfulness, self-compassion and regulation. Classes meet for 1-2 hours for an 8 week session.

We have several location with which we partner to offer a facility. See Hospital, Birth Center & Class Locations
for a potential location near you. If you are interested in attending our Fall training please click

Become a Partner

Community of Mindful Parenting has a strong tradition of working with organizations, associations and businesses that share our vision of parenting mindfully. We realize that we are stronger together and that we benefit from the experiences and teachings of many.

We know there are many individuals and organizations that share our vision and mission of ‘nurturing powerful relationships between parents and their children ’.

We welcome those likeminded organizations to connect with our community so that we can exchange ideas, resources, and advance the science of mindful parenting through collaborative projects and community education.

If you are interested becoming a Community of Mindful Parenting partner, please click

Become an Advocate / Stay Involved

Community of Mindful Parenting looks for opportunities to continually communicate the importance of compassion, being present, continued reflection and promote self-discovery.

Help us spread the word!
Help more new moms experience Listening Mothers™ by telling co-workers,friends, family, and neighbors about our classes in the greater Puget Sound area. The majority of our class participants signed up because you told them to!

Here are some easy ideas to help us advocate for mindfulness and the essential bonding between parents and child:
  • Follow Community of Mindful Parenting on Facebook and invite friends to follow us on Facebook (Link) to learn about upcoming classes, lectures, mindful events, and read the latest articles and research.

  • Do you have a passion for nurturing the attachment and connection between a new mother and her baby?

  • Share your Listening Mothers™ story with us by filling out the CONTACT PAGE as a testament to the work we are doing.

  • Share your story with others and encourage them to take a Listening Mothers™ class!

  • Help us “pound the pavement” and carry a handful of Community of Mindful Parenting and Listening Mothers™ brochures in your purse/bag to post in doctor’s offices, community centers, coffee shops, preschools, and other local gathering places. email us @ to have brochures mailed or delivered to you.

  • Invite us to talk!
We would love to meet you and share with you and your organization the wonderful work we do in our Listening Mothers™ classes. We have presented to large organizations and small parenting groups. Every connection we make is valuable to us.

Contact us to learn more about having us come talk to your group/organization about Listening Mothers™ and Community of Mindful Parenting.

We Work with Great Partners

After all, we are a community!