On April 27th at 11am PST, Community of Mindful Parenting, in partnership with ParentCare, launched the new online community, Community of Mindful Families.

The Community of Mindful Families is an international movement of parents, grandparents, and caregivers [ and those who support them] who have joined together to learn and practice mindfulness and compassion with a multi-generational and multi-cultural lens. We strive to create a community where our members feel safe, respected and comfortable being their authentic selves and expressing all aspects of their identities.

Community of Mindful Families is committed to supporting familial flourishing through self-care, emotional connection, and authentic community building in all stages of life. We define family in the broadest terms possible, including parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, beloved neighbors and people who support them. If you are committed to the wellbeing of families and children of all ages, you are welcome!

Come be a part of our compassionate network and participate in our daily check-ins, weekly meditations and challenges. Be the first to hear about workshops, course offerings, watch parties and sponsored speaker-series that elevate collective wisdom. Learn more about Community of Mindful Families here.

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