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Browse through our curated list of articles focused on parenting and mindfulness to help you feel empowered as a parent.

Welcome Letter by Yaffa Maritz, Co-Founder and Clinical Director of The Listening Mothers

I want to personally welcome each one of you to our community and encourage you to explore, contribute, and share within the website. It is our mission and vision to enhance and grow this emotionally thriving and healthy community. There are many…


Self-Compassion A Practice for Parenting by Fred Ingham

Dr. Kristin Neff spoke on December 5 at Kane Hall in Seattle WA, in an event organized by the Center for Child and Family Wellness at the University of Washington. Dr. Neff, currently an Associate Professor at UT-Austin, is the originator of academic interest in the concept of “self-compassion”, which brings together elements of Buddhist practice and Western psychology…


Parenting for Peace by Yaffa Maritz, Co-Founder and Clinical Director of The Listening Mothers

What we try to accomplish in our groups can easily be extrapolated in our larger community, and even globally: self-awareness, self-reflection, the ability to empathize with others, acceptance of diversity, the ability to both stay connected to others…


Can I Spoil My Child? by Yaffa Maritz, Co-Founder and Clinical Director of The Listening Mothers

This must be one of the most common questions asked by concerned parents. “Will I spoil my baby if I pick him up each time he cries?” Everybody shudders at the thoughts of raising a spoiled child, but can you really spoil a baby?


Find the latest research on parenting, child development, mindfulness, and attachment.

Kindness Counts: Prompting Prosocial Behavior in Preadolescents Boosts Peer Acceptance and Well-Being (PDF)

This study is the first longitudinal experimental intervention of prosocial behavior in preadolescents (‘‘tweens’’), and the first to link a manipulation of a simple helping behavior to increases in sociometric popularity (as assessed by peer reports).

Eight Tips to Developing Caring Kids – By Nancy Eisenberg, Ph.D. (PDF)

Although most parents and teachers would say they value prosocial behavior in children and want to encourage it, it is important to note that not all prosocial behaviors are equal.

Caring about Caring: What Adults Can Do to Promote Young Children’s Prosocial Skills – Marilou Hyson and Jackie L. Taylor (PDF)

The research we share in this article highlights many ways that children’s prosocial development can be actively promoted without being forced.

Promoting Acts of Kindness in Children (PDF)

This is a collection of activities to cultivate kindness in children.

Effect of Volunteering on Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Adolescents (PDF)

The idea that individuals who help others incur health benefits themselves suggests a novel approach to improving health while simultaneously promoting greater civic orientation in our society.

Developing Mindfulness with Children and Young People – Katherine Weare (PDF)

This paper aims to explore the growing field of the teaching of mindfulness to young people, looking at its social and policy context, its applications, and other areas of work that it might support and within which it might fit.

What Do Babies Think?

This is a wonderful video of Alison Gopnik’s talk at TED, about how babies think and learn.

Study: School-Based Prevention Program Improves Academics; Reduces Problem Behavior

Samuel Vuchinich, Alan Acock and Isaac Washburn of OSU, as well as Michael Beets and Kin-Kit Li, both former doctoral students at OSU, contributed to this study.

Reflections on the Mindful Brain by Daniel J. Siegel (PDF)

Why is this mindful awareness so universal an ideal goal across our human family? Can we find a common thread that might help us understand the power of this way of being to enhance health, relationships, and well-being?

A Model of Mindful Parenting: Implications for Parent/Child Relationships and Prevention Research

This paper introduces a model of “mindful parenting” as a framework whereby parents intentionally bring moment-to-moment awareness to the parent–child relationship.


Explore these hand-selected vidoes focused on minduflness, self-regulation, mindsight, and parenting.

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