Joleen Hollow-Bist

I come to Listening Mothers™ from my deep interest in promoting healthy foundations for children in the first three years of life and beyond.

I believe that parenting is a continually developing path. I try to promote the path of becoming self-aware, present, attuned and compassionate to one’s self and in parenting within a supportive environment.

My professional background includes graduating from the University of Washington and working as a nurse for over a decade in the pregnancy, childbirth, mother-baby and lactation fields in Seattle, NYC, Boston, and Silverdale Washington. I have also worked for many years as a home hospice nurse in both Seattle and Kitsap County. My nursing background has overlapped with my work as an early childhood teacher at the Waldorf school (Madrona School) on Bainbridge Island, where I have greatly enjoyed teaching Kindergarten, Preschool, and for the past 6 years, the Parent and Child Program.

I am a parent of almost 18 years of two children who are 10 years apart in age. During the past few years I have also been a student and support facilitator in the Pathwise Leadership Development Program. This program focuses on developing empathy, psychological self- awareness, and mindfulness of leaders in the greater community.

I look forward to continuing to support families of young children as a Listening Mothers™ facilitator for many years to come.

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