Angelica Zapata

Angelica is a life coach and an instructor of well-being programs based on mindfulness and compassion. She is the founder of Ready To Grow, a training and coaching company that helps organizations establish mindful, resilient and compassionate cultures. Angelica works with University of Washington’ Center for Child and Family Well-being leading the development and implementation of professional and parenting programs.


As a community leader and advocate, Angelica has built programs that support the well-being of the Latinx and military families. She enjoys facilitating Mindfulness-based training programs such as (CIT) Compassionate Integrity Training™, Finding Calm™ and Listening Mothers™ to diverse communities.

As a former military spouse, Angelica had to learn resilience and positive coping skills to successfully navigate the constant changes, uncertainty, and struggles of military families. She believes that transcending the pain of life changing events with mindfulness and self-compassion is the portal to insight, a true opportunity for growth and transformation.

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