Linette Bixby

I am a Certified Mindfulness Instructor with Mindful Schools and recently completed my Teacher Training in both Mindful Self-Compassion and Mindful Based Stress Reduction. As a teacher of these programs, I am committed to giving back to the world what these practices have taught me. I believe that Mindful based interventions have the potential to change the world. I teach people of all ages how to decrease stress, increase self-compassion, mindful communication, personal transformation through self-awareness, decrease anxiety and how to increase life satisfaction. I’m proud to be a facilitator of Finding Calm, where I can connect with parents and support parental/child relationships. Children are suffering with more anxiety now than ever before and need the support of their parents and other supportive adults in their lives. I am also a Trained Facilitator of Still Quiet Place (Sharon Salzman) and Stressed Teens (Gina Beigel).

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